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CMIC was founded in 1996 by Bill Ward as a Retail Consulting firm specializing in the Appliance and Consumer Electronics industries.

CMIC has evolved from a consulting business to a database management and software business. The company currently works with the Nationwide Buying Group and manages all product data for their order systems and their web sites. It is a state of the art data management system for the Appliance and Consumer Electronics industries, which was designed in house It provides the ability to manage over 100 brands of product and information with cost changes updated every twenty minutes.

CMIC's software products are offered to enrolling member dealers to take full advantage of the CMIC Database.

Bill believes that merchandising is a retailer's key to profitability. His reasoning is simple: this is the only way to grow your top line revenue. Sales increases, gross margin improvement, and increased turns are all factors related primarily to a well-defined and executed merchandise plan. He has spent the last 10 years developing a merchandise planning system (MPLS) designed to provide the independent retailer with a system that helps reduce the time-consuming process that often prevents us from proper merchandising. He has more recently created DataTags to use the CMIC database to easily and painlessly create professional tags for Appliance and Electronics stores.

Robert Ward joined the company eleven years ago and is in charge of all data management. His attention to detail guarantees accurate and timely data in an industry that is known for it's constantly changing products and prices.

Matthew Ward is in charge of Customer Service and Subscription Services and works with all of our customers to provide a very high level of both technical help and service. CMIC offers unlimited support at no additional charge to all its subscription customers.