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What is the difference between DataTags and the new 2015 DataTags Plus subscription?

DataTags has been replaced with the DataTags Plus subscription. DataTags ended December 31st, 2013.

DataTags Plus has been expanded and updated to a total data tags creation system. It now includes Promotions Plus, Reporting and QR codes.


What is included in the Sales Plus (formerly DataTags Plus)?

Sales Plus now includes DataTags Plus with Sales Plus and Quick Compare.


Which retailers do you have competitive data on?

Currently we maintain pricing on Best Buy, HH Gregg, Home Depot, Lowes, Menards, P.C. Richards, and Sears.


How do I install DataTags Plus?

There is no installation of DataTags Plus. It is completely web based, so you only need Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Firefox to access DataTags Plus. The data is shared between your users, so anyone who has a login can use the program any where in the store or between stores.


How do I register for DataTags Plus?

You can register by going to


How many Users do I get?

At CMICData we believe you should only pay for what you need. There are several options available to you. With DataTags Plus you receive 1 admin login and 2 admin-created user logins. In Sales Plus you receive 1 admin login and 5 admin-created user logins. Upgrade Sales Plus to $79/mo and you will receive unlimited logins.


How do Promotions work?

In DataTags Plus, we currently keep two types of promotions which are Rebates and Packages. Package Promotions are shown on the tag as a description of the offer. It requires a choice by the customer, so we can only give general details. The Rebate Promotion is a specific amount discounted off the model. Our tags will subtract the rebate and show a Net Price.


What promotions do you keep in Datatags Plus?

Currently we maintain National and Nationwide Group Promotions.


What does the Line Up do?

The Line Up is a user-created filter, and it lets the system know which models are on your store floor. The DataTags Plus program uses it in a variety of ways to quickly access the models that are most relevant to you.


How does DataTags Plus deal with pricing?

We maintain MAP and Max Target on a set of core brands, and they are kept up to date. You may use these to help price your store or you can add in your own pricing. We provide three columns for use on your tags. We have the Regular Price which is used as a MSRP, the Sell Price which is what you sell your product at everyday, and the Promo Price which is used for in store promotions.


How do you handle multiple colors in DataTags Plus?

We allow you to print a tag with an individual color or multiple colors with color pricing. There's no reason to double tag in your store if you don't want to.


Can I put my own messages on the tag?

Yes. You may create your own custom banners or use the default ones to add a specific message to your tag.


Can I add a model to the database if it is not available?

Currently we do not allow you the user to add models. It will be an upgrade in the near future. What we do provide you is the ability to add model information into a form based on the different templates we offer. It will provide a seamless look across your store floor.


Will tags print our store logo on them?

Yes. We allow you to upload your store logo to your account. There is certain formatting that will need to be followed which is sent in an email when you first create your account. If you don't follow the formatting instructions it could lead to a warped or pixelated result.